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Hustle Sold Separately

Mar 12, 2021

Wanna know how the future belongs to the creative class? In this solo episode, Matt @mattgottesman goes all in on the rise of the creative class, the types of characteristics associated with it, creativity, connection and multi-talented individuals fulfilling more than one role, the shift from the old paradigm to the new paradigm of doing business, resourcefulness, having more ownership over your work and what that means for your outcomes, the speed at which the markets are changing, trends we’re going to be seeing more, how processes and systems will allow us to do multiple things, blockchain & NFT’s, digital communities and how they’ll shape wealth creation, connecting with new resources worldwide to create new business models and brands, designing your day and managing your time, creating your ideal flow (day), adopting minimalism as a strategy, minimizing distractions and much more…


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