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Hustle Sold Separately

Feb 8, 2022

Wanna know how to build your art with integrity, run it like a business and be consistent? In this episode, @mattgottesman sits down with Kyle Creek aka “The Captain” (Writer, Creator, Instigator) and they go all in on what not following mainstream, building your art with integrity and for the long game, using skills and other talents to finance your own growth, why you have to manage your art like a business, not selling out along the way, authoring 7 books including the wildly popular Fucking History, Feel Free to Quote Me and his newest book Speech Therapy, the move to self-publishing, his thoughts on “influencers”, saying no to 98% of the things that come his way on social media, creative direction for brands and other projects, being true to your audience, authenticity shouldn’t be marketing but natural, using life to inspire writing and much more.


FEAUTURED GUEST: Kyle Creek “The Captain”


: Matt Gottesman






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