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Hustle Sold Separately

Nov 21, 2018

What happens when you have two brilliant minds from the tech and music industry and with different, complimentary skillsets? You pair them together and build and scale a startup. Matt Gottesman speaks with Justin Garza (music industry veteran) and Mike Williams (Entrepreneur, Investor) about:

  1. Marrying the music industry with technology to create something new.
  2. Redefining a marketplace
  3. Taking an unconventional approach to building Studiotime; the Airbnb of music and in-home studios worldwide.
  4. Being resourceful and nimble during in order to grow.
  5. Using content to drive brand awareness
  6. How both of them used Studiotime as a main focus that aligns their interests, ambitions, and also careers
  7. How to navigate with a tech/music startup in a creative industry that is typically sink or swim